Barnes Primary & Rusuzumiro

school partnership

Established in 2009, we work together to foster strong cultural links, share good practice between our schools and improve educational standards

The partnership was set up to:

Foster mutual respect, cultural awareness and friendship between the two schools and their communities
Raise funds for mutually agreed projects that would help improve standards at Rusuzumiro School
Actively engage students in the partnership in a way that is real and relevant so that each community can learn from the other
Nurture regular communication so the impact of charitable donations and activities can clearly be assessed

Since 2009, Barnes Primary has raised over £35,000 to fund capacity-building projects at Rusuzumiro School.

This has been achieved through events such as the annual ‘Run for Rusuzumiro’, Richmond Park Bike Rides, Africa-inspired art exhibitions, Christmas carol and harvest festival services and the famous Barnes Bake-Off spectacular.

The Results


School uniforms

Brand new books from Book Aid International


A few highlights…

In the 2016/2017 academic year, £11,800 was raised by Barnes Primary to fund electricity to senior classrooms, construction of a washroom block, eight toilets and a small library.
Improved educational outcomes for Rusuzumiro: 99.07% pass rate at P6 2016 national exams; 34% qualified to enter prestigious ‘boarding schools’ (up from 24% in 2015); higher attendance rates with 63 more children sitting national exams.

The Lawn Tennis Association (kindly organised by a former Barnes Primary parent!) generously donated sports kit to Rusuzumiro and two other local schools. 

Book Aid International generously donated over a 1,000 brand new books to Rusuzumiro’s new library and two other local schools

“The children are very proud of their new library and are developing their knowledge of the world and a love of reading.” Dalexis Nzabahimana

English teacher

Members of Barnes Primary community rowed 34km in the 2017 London Great River Race to raise money for the new residential accommodation at ASFA Physio Centre.

Rusuzumiro School joined Barnes Primarys’ Newsnuggets Club taking the news club international and winning the People’s Choice Award at the BrightFuture Awards at City Hall in Dec 2016

2018-2019 Projects

Rusuzumiro and Barnes schools work in partnership together to annually agree projects that improve standards. 

In January 2018, three teachers at Rusuzumiro were in a classroom that was hit by lightening.  Fortunately, it was an inset day so no children were at school and the teachers made a full recovery. On 11th March the same year, there was another lightening strike on a nearby church killing 16 people so the risk was further highlighted.

Lightening strikes are not uncommon in Rwanda and the risks are very real, especially at a school. To prevent any further accidents, the Lightening Rod Project became a priority. Barnes Primary School raised over £4,000 at their annual  ‘Run for Rusuzumiro’ on Friday 25 May 2018, a Barnes Bake Off  and a Y4 birthday party dance off and three lightening rods were successfully installed in July 2018.


  • Completed July 2018
    360 health insurance cards for low income families (July 2018 -June 2019) – a £3 health card gives a person annual access to the government health care system.
  • Completed July 2018
    Installation of three lightning conductors
  • Completed March 2018
    360 uniforms for children from low income families
  • Completed November 2017
    Transportation of Book Aid International books from Kigali to Rusuzumiro School

The current fundraising focus is …

  • 360 health insurance cards for low income families for the year July 2019 – June 2020. 
  • The Computer Classroom Project to improve communication between the two schools and ICT skills generally at Rusuzumiro School
  • The Fence Project – build a gate and permiter fence around the school.
  • The Glasses Project – to help provide eye tests to staff and students and glassess.

Thank you to the Barnes Primary School community for their continued support of Rusuzumiro School. Together, much has been acheieved!

Barnes & Rusuzumiro School Partnership in Numbers

  • 2,500 school lunches
  • 1 school library with four bookcases
  • 1 washroom building for girls with sick bay and toilets
  • 1 retaining wall
  • 8 new toilets
  • Connection to mains electricity supply to light school classrooms
  • 450 brand new books from Book Aid International
  • 360 health insurance cards
  • 3 lightening rods
  • 14 in-classroom library corners with books
  • 860 school uniforms since the partnership began
  • 200 items of sports kit from National Tennis Association
  • 300 sharpeners
  • 300 erasers
  • 243 lunch plates
  • 1,200 pencils
  • 10 footballs and some bouncy balls
  • 1 sewage pump system
  • 1 mobile science lab
  • 1 photocopier
  • Printer toner cartridges
  • 2 laptops
  • 2 iPads
  • Repointing brick walls in classrooms
  • Numeracy, science & literacy resources
  • 1 projector and screen
  • 4 mobile phones

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