ASFA Physio – future 


Future hopes become a reality…

Make a Difference 4 Africa and our Rwandan partners, Les Sœurs Pénitentes de Saint François d’Assise au Rwanda completed the construction of a dedicated residential centre in August 2020, next to ASFA Centre, where disabled children can stay for short-term inpatient care and treatment.

The new centre is nearly finished and will provide:- 

  • 30 paediatric inpatient beds
  • accommodation for carers
  • 2 inpatient physiotherapy gym/ play rooms 
  • 2 inpatient consultation rooms
  • 2 outpatient consultation rooms
  • 1 outpatient gym area
  • reception and waiting area
  • staff admin office and store room
  • bathing and toilet facilities for inpatients and outpatients
  • inpatient kitchen
  • inpatient laundry
  • sensory garden
  • parking
  • water tanks
  • electricity 
  • carer accomodation

Already, the lives of many children have improved immeasurably as a result of the intervention and physiotherapy treatment received at ASFA Physiotherapy since 2014.  With a properly staffed, dedicated facility this number can increase and can help participants become more active and skilled members of their family and broader community. Negative stereotypes of people with disability are changing in Rwanda. We want to work with the inspiring local team to help deliver this essentail project and replicate the model in other areas of Rwanda.

CONSTRUCTION NEWS: Construction started on 24 August 2019 and the children and staff moved into part of the inpatients building in early August 2020.

Climate change caused absolute havoc throughout construction with heavy rainfall on almost a daily basis. The rain didn’t even stop in the so-called “dry season”! It was impressive progress despite the many construction challenges and our task now remains to finish the interior work and plant the garden. 

This centre is life-changing for not only the disabled children but their families and the whole community too. If you would like to make a donation to finish the last stage of interior work and then help scale this specialist centre to capacity then please kindly donate here.  If you would like more information,  please do contact us.

Keep an eye on our progress via our  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Thank you! 

ASFA Physio March 2020

ASFA Physio site manager – Pacique

Physiotherapists Kate Hunt & Diogene Murwanashyaka

 Charlotte learning to walk with her new crutches

Parent teaching session

Inpatient gym area March 2020 

More petrol!

ASFA Physio reception March 2020

Augustine loves music group

New gaiters can be fun!  

 Carer Jacky

The results

Hydraulic hospital beds

Shoes & specialist Piedro walking boots


Medical books

ASFA Physiotherapy Centre in numbers

We shipped (or lugged!) a total of 1,600kg of physiotherapy equipment including…

  • 250 pairs of shoes and specialist Piedro walking boots
  • 250 pairs of socks
  • 70 medical books (in collaboration with Book Aid International)
  • 65 walking sticks and metal crutches
  • 40 pairs of arm/leg gaiters
  • 35 metal walking frames
  • 20 postural wedges and supports
  • 22 boxes of plaster of paris (POP)
  • 15 postural management chairs
  • 20 wheelchairs
  • 10 hydraulic hospital beds
  • 2 hydraulic physiotherapy treatment couches
  • 10 leather helmets
  • 10 standing frames
  • 7 plastic floor mats
  • 4 toilet and washing chairs
  • 4 pushchairs
  • 4 bean bags
  • 2 wooden climbing frames for muscle development
  • 2 sleeping management systems
  • 1 interferential therapy machine
  • 1 filing cabinet
  • Reusable nappies with thanks from Little Lamb Nappies 

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